Hello 🙂 It’s me again. Welcome to my blog!

I am sure you have seen me as SimsYankeesLover or SimsLover but my name is Kiara. I have been a modder for over a year and now I have this brand (semi) new blog to share my mods with my fellow simmers!

What I Make: Game-play mods. That means you will find mods for traits, aspirations, events, holiday traditions, lot types, careers, odd jobs, and no-promotion careers.

Custom Mods/Requests: If you have an idea for a new mod, feel free to share it with me in the comments. I’ll let you know if I can make it. If I do, you’ll be among the first to receive it along with my Patreons. That’s 2-3 weeks before the public release!

Patreon vs. Public Releases: All mods are released on my Patreon page 2-3 weeks ahead of time and will be released for the public here. Another perk in becoming a Patreon is being able to download all mods directly with no links or ads. Want to become a Patreon? Click here.

Discord: Join my public discord server for updates, announcements, and help. Just click here.

TOS: Do not claim my mods as your or own, or share, re-upload, or otherwise distribute my mods without my permission.

19 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi! Just wondering if the traits that do not say “University Updated” are already compatible with the new update, or are waiting to be updated.


      1. Awesome! No pressure, just wanted to make sure. I’m finally biting the bullet and updating my game for DU. I was trying to hold out for some of my other custom careers to update, when I found yours. I will be trying them out as soon as I update. Looking forward to it!


  2. Hello, I was excited to install your Art exhibition mod, but as I wanted to plan the event I couldn’t chose an artist because there were no sims to select, how’s that ?


      1. It shouldn’t be because this mod was created before University. I made some changes to it recently, so let me upload the new file and try that.


    1. Todos los eventos se han actualizado desde el parche de enero. Si descargó los archivos antes de ese parche, elimine el mod en su carpeta de sims y descargue el archivo nuevamente. Espero que esto tenga sentido. Usé un traductor.


  3. Hi, I cant seem to even get past the ads that are placed. It says to wait 3 seconds… I can’t even seem to access the mods or anything I try to download.


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