Hello 🙂 It’s me again . I am sure you have seen me as SimsYankeesLover or SimsLover but my name is Kiara. I have created mods for over a year now and I have created a new blog.

All mods are released on my Patreon page 2-3 weeks ahead of time and will be released for the public here.Another perk in becoming a Patreon is being able to download all mods directly with no links. Do not share my mods without my permission.

If you have donated, you can access all creations here via SimfileShare or Mediafire. I’ll post links to them below. Just email me with a screenshot you donated or email me the email you used. The donation link is on the side of the page. Donations are important as I try to maintain the server on the blog and potentially update to a .com website. If you prefer, please use the links provided 3 weeks after mods are posted on Patreon or join Patreon for instant downloads. If you donate, you still have to wait 3 weeks to get mods as Patreons are given special access. To find the page here, tab over “Community” and select “Creation Links”.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi! Just wondering if the traits that do not say “University Updated” are already compatible with the new update, or are waiting to be updated.


      1. Awesome! No pressure, just wanted to make sure. I’m finally biting the bullet and updating my game for DU. I was trying to hold out for some of my other custom careers to update, when I found yours. I will be trying them out as soon as I update. Looking forward to it!


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