Baby Daddy (University Updated) Download Here

Includes buffs for trying for a baby, whims for trying for baby and new romance social interactions!

Bar Drinker (University Updated) Download Here

Has New Social interactions, whims and buffs for drinking drinks.

Beauty Lover Trait (University Updated) Download Here

Has custom interactions, Buffs – Massages, Bathing, Recording beauty videos.

Boxer Download Here
Chess Lover Download here
Coffee Lover Download Here
Computer Whiz Download Here
Dancer Download Here
Darts Lover Download Here
Farmer Download Here

Fireplace Lover (University Updated) Download Here

Funny Trait - Available 11/20
Gadget Geek Download Here
Gamer Download Here
Green Thumb Download Here
BBQ Lover Trait - Public Release 11/17
Geology Lover Download Here
Hacker Download Here
Handy Download Here
Hoops Lover Download Here
Jokester Download Here
Karaoke Lover Download Here
Loves Bowling Download Here
Loves To Swim Download Here

Master Baker (University Updated) Download Here

New Social interactions, baking whims and buffs for baking. Learn baking 2x faster included!

Movie Lover Download Here
Photographer's Eye Download Here
Spa Lover Download Here
Space Lover - Available 11/20
Sweet Tooth Download Here 
Techie Trait Download Here
Woodworker Download Here
Yoga Lover Download Here

15 thoughts on “Hobby

      1. Update: So sorry to report (because I love your traits and careers… and I am, myself a Fireplace lover!), the Fire Lover trait is throwing a LE… Here is the simplified text using TwistedMexi’s “Better Exceptions” mod:

        Exception Date: 2019-09-20 14:01:53
        Game Version:
        Category ID: tunable.py:2104

        Recommended Action: There is bad tuning in this mod: \Traits\FireLover.package
        Delete it from your mods folder or see if the author has an updated version.
        If it is a multi-package mod make sure you update all of them.

        Possible Cause \Traits\FireLover.package
        Reason [cjiang] Caught exception loading reference.
        RefName: 74769
        Manager: InstanceManager_interaction. TunableReference is set to a value that is not allowed by its class restriction. (ValueError: TunableReference is set to a value that is not allowed by its class restriction.)
        MCCC Version Not Installed.
        Package Mod Count 5896

        Thank you Kiara!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi! Your mods are awesome!
    Last year, I sent you an application for translation authorization from MTS. After your permission, I translated your characteristics and career into Chinese and Shared it with Chinese simmers. They like your mods very much!
    So can I translate your other occupations and characteristics into Chinese and share them with more Chinese simmers?
    There is no doubt that if Iget your permission,I will definitely say that you are the original author and attach your link,Thanks~:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kiara, For some reason, I am unable to reply directly to your request that I re-download the Fireplace Lovers trait and see if it worked… hope you see this. I did just that and absolutely NO LEs popped up. I am SO happy. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s odd it wouldn’t let you respond. I’ll have to take a look at the comments section, but so happy it worked! I love this trait also!


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