Holiday Traditions

Bath Download Here

Beachcomb – Download Here

Bubble Blower = Download Here

Build Sand Sculpture – Download Here

Coffee – Download Here

Woodworking – Download Here

Go Bowling – Download Here

Go Fishing – Download Here

Give Speeches – Download Here

Swimming – Download Here

Hot Tub – Download Here

Hug A Parent – Download Here

Massage – Download Here

Maze – Download Here

Meditate – Download Here

Music – Download Here

Popcorn – Download Here

Puppet Show – Download Here

Read – Download Here

Record A Video Or Live Stream – Download Here

Snow Fun – Download Here

Sunbathe – Download Here

Tea – Download Here

Telescope – Download Here

View Art – Download Here

Visit Space – Download Here

Watch Movies – Download Here

WooHoo – Download Here

10 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. Hi, I see that your holiday traditions that would be free on 11/9 are not still release… Could you tell me when you think to release theme? In particular I’m interesting on Snow Fun tradision… Thank, Cristina


  2. I can’t seem to download any of your files – the ads pop up and require you to download a spam Chrome extension before clicking on it. Are you able to upload elsewhere? I really love that you have made these and hope to see much more!!


    1. Ok it turns out it was the Getsyy link that was causing that. It’s a lot of redirects and opening up the link again before I was able to wait the 5 seconds then be correctly linked to SimsFileShare. I absolutely would love to see more traditions, if possible? I have some ideas, but not sure if they can be done in the game – if these get uploaded to your Patreon first, I will happily donate for them!

      – Go Shopping/Order online (like they have for rebate day? looking for something to make a “Boxing Day” type of tradition after Christmas)
      – Take photos/selfies
      – Eat Pizza
      – Relax in Sauna
      – Arrange Flowers (flower-arranging station)
      – Find Relics / Dig
      – Order Food (vendor, or bar)
      – Bake a Cake (not just baking, but specifically a cake?)

      I would totally help make them if I could, but I know nothing about modding. I’d love to learn. Is it very difficult to learn to make these?

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