Animal Playdate – Download Here

Art Exhibition Download Here

Artist Garage Sale – Public Release 3/31

Backyard Barbeque Download Here

Campaign Rally Download Here

Family Reunion Download Here

Fishing Trip – Download Here

Game Day Event – Download Here

Game Night – Public Release 4/15

Hookup Event – Public Release 4/15

Happy Hour Download Here

Memorial Download Here 

Movie Night Download Here

Red Carpet Event Download Here

Royal Duties – Public Release 4/13

Summer Blow Out Download Here

10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. The Family Reunion Event needs to be updated. I cannot start an event. When I go to choose a location for the event the menu screen is blank!


  2. I love your ideas. Unfortunatly, when i have a movie night, i only get to tasks – watch a movie and eat popcorn. Only enough to get a bronze medal.

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    1. I am able to get gold on the event, but it’s been awhile since I have used it. I will check it out stay tuned. If possible please post on Discord.


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