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  1. Baby shower, Graduation party, sleepover, bachelor(ette) party (these have all been done before but are not updated). Block party where all neighbors can be invited whether you know them or not.

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  2. This is just a friendly reminder. You are not allowed to hide your cc behind paywalls. I see what you are doing. You have a Patreon account and when you should be released your stuff in 3 weeks for free, you are hiding it behind paywalls and making people take pictures proving they gave you a donation. That’s wrong. Here are the rules regarding cc:
    CC/Mods Locked Behind Paywalls – Creators cannot lock content they make using our game behind a paywall. While we do not police this content (there is no way we would create a team simply to monitor this) we do take reports sent to us seriously and action accordingly.

    Think it’s time to report you.


    1. You are welcome to become a Patreon or click the link to download mods. The creation thing is irrelevant as most people click the links to download. Do as you please, I am a modder if you want my mods you are simply welcome to click a link or become a Patreon. I do accept donations but no one is forced to donate ever. I have emailed users who kindly were unable to download mods the mods they wanted. But you do not have to threaten me on my page. Clicking the links is not requiring you to pay for anything, I hope you’d like to use my mods in the future and show a little respect next time. I’ve worked very hard on my mods and it’s my time to create what users ask for.


      1. AdFly and its clones, like the one you use, have become so sketchy that they are unusable. So, effectively, your creations ARE behind a paywall, because the free download links don’t work. I hope you consider moving your downloadable content to a reputable host.


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