Guests Anniversary Here 

Couple's Anniversary Here

Date Event Download Here 

Engagement Event Download Here

18 thoughts on “Couple

  1. Umm… your download page is really strange and it’s not working at all… it keeps wanting me to download the ads and extensions that I don’t want. Your mods look super cool but I can’t download them! I don’t know why this is not working!


    1. I am sorry you are unable to download mods. You may watch the video that I created to show how to download mods. Let met know if you need anything more.


      1. Ah thank you, I’ve discovered my wifi has something to do behind it! Just downloaded this in a different location and it worked! Can’t wait to try this out.

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    1. They’ve all been updated. Make sure you delete localthumbcache files and then re-add them. Let me know, I’ve tested them in my game.


      1. Hello, thank you very much for your answer. I delete all chaches and the localthumbchache before each start of the game, but it doesn’t work for me, not even for my sister. For example, I tested the Christmas Eve event and I only got where to choose the host and the guests, then I could click on continue but then everything was white and I couldn’t choose a place or time. 😒


      2. I also loaded the mods on January 18th. It was probably before your update. I have downloaded it again now and everything works perfectly. Thank you. 😊

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  2. hi! I am having trouble downloading the engagement event. it says “Oops!
    Sorry, we couldn’t find that file. Either you’ve clicked a broken link, or the creator has deleted the file.”


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