Recent Updates

Read below for new creations and patch updates!

11/16 – Backyard BBQ Event Now Available!

11/16 – Many mods are being updated. Look for “University Updated”. I also re-exported the Family Reunion Event. Please report all errors to me. I am also very active on this thread here

11/15 – Events are fine for the University patch. Everything else is being updated, just click the post it will have a University Update when updated! Hope this helps!

11/11 – Added a Retirement Party Event and Retiree Trait. Public Release 12/2 but available now via Patreon. Vegan Lover, Master Baker, Beauty Lover and All Rounder Trait now available for download.

11/9 – Careers that have been updated to become Semi-Active – Psychologist, Woodworker, Hacker, Photographer, Stylist and Video Gamer Career.

11/6 – Added a Download Link for the Food Technology Career and Anniversary Events are also available for download!

11/5 – Added 5 New Holiday Traditions (Massage, Meditate, Tea, Record A Video or Live Stream, Visit Space and Watch Movies.

10/31 – Please re-download the Photographer, Hacker, Woodworker Careers. They are now Semi-Active, Salary has changed for some and career images. Uploaded Psychology Career for public release.

10/30 – Added Funny and Space Lover Traits. Public Release 11/20

10/28 – Stay tuned! I am updating all current careers to make them Semi-active if the shoe fits. Check back here daily for updates!

10/27 – Add Techie Trait Link. Added BBQ Event/BBQ Lover Trait. Both set for Public release on 11/17.

10/19 Added 3 new traits – Beauty Lover, Vegan and Master Baker. Added 3 New Traditions Bubble Blower, Read and Snow Fun. Added an All-Rounder Aspiration and Trait.

10/18 Memorial Event, Dancer and Karaoke Master Aspiration now available. Master Photographer will be updated, but right now there is an error.

10/16 – Added Social Service Service Career for public release. Food Technology Career available 10/23. Added Psychology Career Public release 10/31. Added TWO Anniversary events (One for a couple, other for family/friends) public release 11/6

10/7 Re-exported Pizza Event with new image and uploaded Photographer Aspiration, Public release for Aspiration is 10/28

10/3 Please re-export the Fireplace Lover trait. It is now working properly! Added Techie Trait with Social Interactions – Public release 10/21

9/27 Added a Memorial Event, Dancer and Karaoke Master Aspiration. Available on Patreon now or Public release 10/18

9/22 Added a Social Services Career (3 Branches include – Healthcare, Administration, Child & Family). Public Release 10/13 available on Patreon now.

9/7 Added a Wellness Aspiration, Pizza Party Event and a Baby Daddy Trait. Public Release 10/7 for all.

9/3 Added a Date Event, Driver Career, Airport and Train Station Lot Traits. Public Release 9/24 for all.

9/2 Added a News Anchor Career. Public Release 9/22

8/21 Added Download Link for the Fireplace Lover trait under Hobby traits.

8/18 Help Desk Career added,Public release 9/8. Uploaded Computer Whiz, Dancer, Green Thumb, Farmer, Handy, Photographer’s Eye, Sweet Tooth Traits for download

8/12 Construction Worker Career added. Public release 9/2

8/11 Added a new Art and Bridal Shower Event & Gallery Lot trait. Public release 9/1

8/10 Updated Geologist Career due to errors

8/8 All Careers should work with the new patch.

8/6 Added a new Campaign Rally Event

8/4 Added an Engagement Event. Public release 8/25

8/3 – Added a new Aspiration tab and Fortune Teller Career

7/30 – Added a Careerbuilder Career. Public release 8/20

7/29 – Added 2 New Careers named Dietitian and Simologist

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