Recent Updates

Read below for new creations and patch updates!

2/25 – Please re-download these careers as they have been updated: Advertising Sales Agent, Architecture (Part-Time), Astronomer, Banker, Biochemist, Biology Teacher, Boxing, Business Consultant, CareerBuilder, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Information Research Manager, Computer Research Scientist, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Architect, Construction, Dancer, Database Administrator, Dancer, Dietitian, Driver, Film, Financial Analyst, Firefighter, Food Technology, Fortune Teller, Genetic Counselor, Hacker, Handiness, Help Desk, Information Security Analyst, Insurance Sales Agent, Investigator, IT Project Manager, Journalism, Loan Officer, Logisitcan, Management Analyst, Marketing, Marketing Research Analyst, Neuroscientist, News Anchor, Optometrist, Photography, Podiatrist, Psychologist, Psychology, Real Estate.

2/25 – Please re-download Tutor Odd Job. Had some typos (Err!)

2/23 – Added download links for Woohoo Time? And Tutor Odd Jobs!

2/22 – Added download links for Ballet Studio and Gymnastic Lot Traits. Re-download Art Career and Singer Career – made some more changes. Singer career must have Singing Gig event.

2/17 – Added download links for Sunbathe, Build Sand Sculpture and Beachomb Traditions.

2/16 – Added a new category titled interactions and added Confess To Cheating Interaction. Public Release 3/7.

2/14 – Re-download Art Career. Added Art Show Task! Also Re-download Date Night Lot Trait – Changed romance to 1x faster and buff weight is now +5 not +8.

2/11 – Please re-download Movie Night Event. Fixed an issue where achieving Gold was not possible, but now you should be able to complete GOLD.

2/9 – Hug A Parent Tradition Now available. Added Spiritual Trait and Science Career, both available 3/1

2/5 – Added Travel & Culture Fanatic Aspiration Download Link

2/4 – Added download links for Dancer Career, Mixology job Event and Fishing Event. Uploaded Bachelor(ette) party, Woohoo odd job, New Year’s Bash Event. Also Baby Shower Even is available 2/19.

2/4 – All mods seem fine from the patch. However, report any errors on my discord channel. Please consider posting comments on my discord. I will respond faster!

2/3 – Added download links for Game Day Event and Game Day Lot Trait. Cleaned up some errors with All Rounder and Artist Trait so please re-download.

2/1 – Added Tutor to Odd job List. Also added two new lot traits – Ballet & Gymnastic.

2/1 – Please re-download Dancer Trait. Added a new social interaction and fixed issue with buffs.

1/31 – Please report mod errors here: It’s easy to receive help right away.

1/29 – Join my new Discord Server. They were unwilling to help locate my old account. Link should never expire:

1/27 – Added a Singer Career (Sims 3 Remake) Public Release 2/16

1/26 – Added Download Links for Housewife and Househusband Trait.

1/25 – Added Download links for No Promotion Careers.

1/24 – Added a new Hobby Trait – Loves Bathing. Also uploaded three new traditions: Build Sand Sculpture, Beachomb and Sunbathe.

1/22 – Re-uploaded the “Gamer” Trait due to an animation error that has now been fixed.

1/21 – Uploaded many No Promotion Careers, uploaded Date Night Lot Trait, Casino Lot Trait and College Reunion Lot Trait.

1/21 – Junkyard Lot Trait now has a download link. Thank you Kimi for pointing this out!

January 18th 7:34 EST – All EVENTS have been properly fixed this time. Looks like they changed some text in the code from venue_types to compatible_venues that is what was causing the select time/location from showing. I had to edit each package file individually and tested some in the game. They work on my end. Let me know if you have any issues. Traits – Traits should be working. Doesn’t look like much changed but if you get an error when using a trait, please let me know. I may still update them just in case. Careers – I have no issues with careers in the game.

1/18 – Remove all events for now. I am working on a fix but traits should be fine.

1/17 – Please download all events again due to the recent patch. I’ve updated them all! Please report any errors you find with any other of my mods.

1/17 – Uploaded Download Links for Field Trip Event & Junkyard Lot Trait. Added Handyman/Handywoman Career under New careers!

1/14 – Added Fishing Trip Event and Hug Parent Tradition. Both available 2/4.

1/14 – Added download links for HS Reunion Event, HS Reunion Lot Trait, New Student Day Event and University Lot Trait. Added a new Aspiration titled: “Travel & Culture Fanatic” – The public release is 2/4.

1/11 – Added Library Lot Trait and Marketing Career Download Links. Added a New Event Category titled “Job-Related” Events and added a new career re-make from the Sims 2 – Dancer Career.

1/10 – Uploaded Graduation Event and Graduation Lot Trait for public release.

1/5 – Added Housewife and Househusband Traits – Public Release 1/26. Added Download Links For Hot Tub Lover and Soccer Lover Traits.

1/2 – Added some more “No promotion careers. Health-related πŸ™‚

12/31 – Added A Date Night and Casino Lot Trait. Public Release 1/21

12/29 – Added 10 more No Promotion Careers . The No Promotion Careers are an IT/Business Career Bundles.

12/28 – Added College Event and College Lot Trait. Public Release 1/18.

12/28 – Added a new tab called “No Promotion” under Careers. These are careers that are one job level (they require no promotion tasks) and I have uploaded 8 different careers. Public release is 1/18.

12/27 – Made a change to the Engagement Event. Changed names of Guests/Host and added Field Trip Event/Junkyard Trait. Public Release for both is 1/17

12/22 – Added HS Reunion and HS Reunion Lot Trait. Public release 1/12/2020

12/22 – I am re-arranging things on my blog. But everything will be here – I am trying to make it easier and less colluded. FYI Since all mods have been updated for University, you might see Updated for University Disappear.

12/22 – You will need to re-download the Pizza Event (I fixed where you can now throw these events on University Lots).

12/21 – Normally I would upload this 3 weeks later, but since Christmas is next week. Here is an Xmas gift! Christmas Eve Event Uploaded today! Happy Holiday’s!

12/21 – Uploaded Library Lot Trait and Marketing Career. Both have a Public Release date for January 11, 2020.

12/21 – Thank you Lacey for the donation! Shoutout to you.

12/20 – Food Technology Career updated, it now comes with 2 branches: Research & Development and Quality Assurance.

12/19 – Please re-download the Art Exhibition. Made some changes!

12/18 – Changed title of invitees for Memorial Event. Please re-download.

12/18 – Uploaded Debater and Researcher Traits! Thank you for the reminder, Angel!

12/17 – Pool Party fixed to have invitees wear swimwear during event. Re-download please!

12/16 – Added Graduation Event and Graduation Lot Trait (Public Release 1/6)

12/15 – Happy Birthday to myself πŸ™‚ Also uploaded Hot Tub Lover and Soccer Lover Trait. Public release set for 1/5/2020.

12/13 – Farmer Trait moved to Lifestyle Section.

12/10 – Uploaded Architecture Career (Sims 2 Remake) and updated some more mods.

12/10 – Uploaded A Video On How To Download Mods Via My Website. Watch Here:

12/4 – Fixed the download link for Child Of The Ocean Trait, Uploaded Retiree Trait.

12/1 (Second Update Today) – Please re-downloaded Anniversary, Bridal Shower and Couple’s Anniversary Events. I have made some changes in host names. Also Retirement Event now available one day earlier. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

12/1 – Boxer Career needs to be re-downloaded. I added a fame component to the semi-active career. Many careers have been updated for University and are now semi-active Make sure you are using the recent version – you’ll see University Update otherwise remove it from your game.

11/26 -Updated Astronomer Career (Sims 3 Remake), Added Stargazer Trait. Added Debater and Researcher Traits – Public Release for 12/16 For both.

11/25 Second Update – The patch today has no impact on my mods. It was very minor! πŸ™‚ Happy Simming!

11/25 – Child Of the Ocean Trait was updated this morning. Re-download if you downloaded it last night! Careers that are being deleted because they are in the game. Law, Military, Education will be removed and the President career will be removed as they are in the game. I am working on careers that have not been updated, they take a little longer to update as they will be semi-active if they meet the needs to be semi-active.

11/22 – All Traditions updated. Uploaded Funny and Space Lover Traits.

11/16 – Backyard BBQ Event Now Available!

11/16 – Many mods are being updated. Look for “University Updated”. I also re-exported the Family Reunion Event. Please report all errors to me. I am also very active on this thread here

11/15 – Events are fine for the University patch. Everything else is being updated, just click the post it will have a University Update when updated! Hope this helps!

11/11 – Added a Retirement Party Event and Retiree Trait. Public Release 12/2 but available now via Patreon. Vegan Lover, Master Baker, Beauty Lover and All Rounder Trait now available for download.

11/9 – Careers that have been updated to become Semi-Active – Psychologist, Woodworker, Hacker, Photographer, Stylist and Video Gamer Career.

11/6 – Added a Download Link for the Food Technology Career and Anniversary Events are also available for download!

11/5 – Added 5 New Holiday Traditions (Massage, Meditate, Tea, Record A Video or Live Stream, Visit Space and Watch Movies.

10/31 – Please re-download the Photographer, Hacker, Woodworker Careers. They are now Semi-Active, Salary has changed for some and career images. Uploaded Psychology Career for public release.

10/30 – Added Funny and Space Lover Traits. Public Release 11/20

10/28 – Stay tuned! I am updating all current careers to make them Semi-active if the shoe fits. Check back here daily for updates!

10/27 – Add Techie Trait Link. Added BBQ Event/BBQ Lover Trait. Both set for Public release on 11/17.

10/19 Added 3 new traits – Beauty Lover, Vegan and Master Baker. Added 3 New Traditions Bubble Blower, Read and Snow Fun. Added an All-Rounder Aspiration and Trait.

10/18 Memorial Event, Dancer and Karaoke Master Aspiration now available. Master Photographer will be updated, but right now there is an error.

10/16 – Added Social Service Service Career for public release. Food Technology Career available 10/23. Added Psychology Career Public release 10/31. Added TWO Anniversary events (One for a couple, other for family/friends) public release 11/6

10/7 Re-exported Pizza Event with new image and uploaded Photographer Aspiration, Public release for Aspiration is 10/28

10/3 Please re-export the Fireplace Lover trait. It is now working properly! Added Techie Trait with Social Interactions – Public release 10/21

9/27 Added a Memorial Event, Dancer and Karaoke Master Aspiration. Available on Patreon now or Public release 10/18

9/22 Added a Social Services Career (3 Branches include – Healthcare, Administration, Child & Family). Public Release 10/13 available on Patreon now.

9/7 Added a Wellness Aspiration, Pizza Party Event and a Baby Daddy Trait. Public Release 10/7 for all.

9/3 Added a Date Event, Driver Career, Airport and Train Station Lot Traits. Public Release 9/24 for all.

9/2 Added a News Anchor Career. Public Release 9/22

8/21 Added Download Link for the Fireplace Lover trait under Hobby traits.

8/18 Help Desk Career added,Public release 9/8. Uploaded Computer Whiz, Dancer, Green Thumb, Farmer, Handy, Photographer’s Eye, Sweet Tooth Traits for download

8/12 Construction Worker Career added. Public release 9/2

8/11 Added a new Art and Bridal Shower Event & Gallery Lot trait. Public release 9/1

8/10 Updated Geologist Career due to errors

8/8 All Careers should work with the new patch.

8/6 Added a new Campaign Rally Event

8/4 Added an Engagement Event. Public release 8/25

8/3 – Added a new Aspiration tab and Fortune Teller Career

7/30 – Added a Careerbuilder Career. Public release 8/20

7/29 – Added 2 New Careers named Dietitian and Simologist

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