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Reminder: If you are running any of my mods that do not say KiaraSims4Mods_XXX – then you should download the latest version. You are likely running an outdated version!

7/1 Traits Updated: Stargazer, Spiritual – Removed Tuning Errors

7/2 – Lot Traits Updated: Airport, Train Station, Baseball Stadium, Football Stadium, Ballet Studio, Gymnastic Studio – Removed Tuning Errors

7/3 Mods Updated – Boxing Arena Lot Trait, City Hall Lot Trait, College Reunion Event, College Reunion Lot Trait, Date Night Lot Trait, Game Day Event and Game Day Lot Trait – Removed Tuning Errors and added interactions to the events from the lot traits!

7/4 – Gallery Lot Trait, Graduation Lot Trait, Graduation Event, HS Reunion Lot Trait, HS Reunion Event – Removed Tuning Errors and added interactions to the events from the lot traits!

Historic Lot Trait – Added 2 new dialogs! See the lot traits page for more information.

Hotel Lot Trait – Added some new dialogs!

Junkyard Lot Trait – Removed Tuning Errors!

Library Lot Trait – Removed Tuning Errors

7/5 – Work From Home Menu should work with Kawaiistacie’s Education Mod!

Faithful and Unfaithful Traits – Fixed an error with the code. They should work properly now.

Househusband, Housewife Trait, Retiree Traits – Updated!

7/10 – Corrected the Tutor Odd Job Text. It will now read “Logic Level 4”.

7/12 – Updated Animal Shelter Lot Trait to include a new interaction.

7/17 – Work From Home Pie Menu updated – Sims will no longer use the interaction without stopping. They will stop after a minimum of 30 minutes and a max of 60 minutes.

Honeymoon Event and I Love You(Romantic Interaction) – It was reported that some who use non-English games had blank text. The new update I copied text to all strings, so this should not occur anymore.

7/18 – Bar Drinker Trait updated to remove an error that was causing an LE.

7/19 – Marine Corps Career updated to remove a typo. Description previously read “Boreign” threats and now will read Foreign Threats.

7/21 – Personal Trainer Career (Full-time only) updated to remove some typos in Level 3.

7/26 – Prince Trait updated due to an LE.

7/27 – Romantic I Love You – Updated so that the interaction is no longer autonomous but user directed.

WooHoo Lover – The buff will now show for 5 hours instead of 10 and the emotion weight remains +10, but it’s just for 5 hours now. Also the social interactions included are no longer autonomous and are now user directed.

8/3 – All Aspirations updated for the most recent patch! Enjoy!