Ideas Corner

If you have an idea, please post it here on my Discord channel

I usually take requests for traits (Personality or Lot), Events and Careers.

If you make a request please make sure it’s detailed.

12 thoughts on “Ideas Corner

  1. Hey you, 😀 , I got several “ideas” just born because of my Sims’ needs. For example: Event “School Trip to another Country for one or two weeks”, “School Trip to the Zoo for a day”, or Diploma Graduation, Promotion, or “Last School Day on Primary School” as an Event, including church and parents’ presence. I ADORE your Events. They are nice to play and always great ideas. How about that? 🙂

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  2. OMG ! Anyway to update the hairstylist, bartending or “teen” house party where they would invite other friends to the party from kawaii ? I believe those were awesome? Maybe a fashion event ??
    ? AHH thank you for the thought anywho! Your mods are awesome 🙂

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  3. Can you make a functional Movie theater/cinema mod and accompanying lot trait ad career?
    – Shows at least 4 movies and can be a place of work like a retail store is and has employees”

    Employees can:
    – Sell popcorn, ice cream, drinks, and candy. Clean the theaters, refill popcorn machines (declare popcorn has gone stale after 1 sim hr) so 1 work day of 6-8 hrs needs tasks to refill popcorn machines at least 6 or 8 times a shift
    – Sell tickets to 1/4 or 1/6 movies
    — Give a popup for the player to select a movie or movie type
    — If your sim does not like scary movies then the player sends them to see a scary movie w/ their sim friends the sim can leave the movie when it ends w/ negative buffs and complain about the movie. Opposite if seeing a movie type they do like


  4. Hey i’m trying to make a snow day holiday…you already made snow fun tradition (amazing!!!) but could you make a drinking hot drinks tradition? Like apple cider, hot chocolate, etc

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  5. It’d be cool to have holiday traditions for playing with pets, simstagram pets, etc. I know I always want to participate in International Cat Day!

    Also, maybe a location aspiration based on culture/travel? Visiting a certain number of lots, making friends with locals, going to festivals and parties, purchasing or finding items, things of that nature? It could even have an accompanying trait like “wanderlust” or “globetrotter.”

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  6. Hi…me again lol…i am trying to make a mother’s day and father’s day holidays…could you make a “give gift to mother” and “give a gift to father” tradition

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