New Careers

Banker – Download Here

Boxing – Download Here

CareerBuilder – Download Here

Construction – Download Here

Dietitian – Download Here

Driver – Download Here

Food Technology – Download Here

New update brings 2 branches of Research & Development and Quality Assusrance

Geologist – Download Here

Handyman/Handywoman – Download Here

Help Desk – Download Here

International Affairs (2 Branches) – Download Here

Investigator – Download Here

Marketing – Download Here

Marine Corps – Public Release 4/5

Nascar – Download Here

News Anchor – Download Here

Psychology – Download Here

Real Estate – Download Here

Social Services – Download Here

3 Branches – Administration, Child & Family and Healthcare

Simologist – Download Here

Veterinarian Download Here

This was a request of someone who wanted the career as a Rabbithole.

Woodworker – Download Here

45 thoughts on “New Careers

  1. Hi. I came across an issue with the Geologist Career. The issue is that when I load my save game from the main menu, and then the world appears, and I pick the lot to play my family, the game doesn’t load – the Plumbob just spends, spends, and continues to spend until I task manage the Sims 4 to exit out of game. Another words, it doesn’t want to load.

    Now all your other careers load, no issues (I have them all, I think your awesome with your work) infact I had a few career or 2 that you may want to try, and I’ll donate – IT HELP DESK, & UNDERTAKER & CUSTOMER SERVICE (WEB SUPPORT)

    Anyway great job on your work. -Robert (Bobbo662 in the modding world yeah, I mod too lol)


  2. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.


  3. I’ve just spent over an hour trying to download the geologist career. I made an exception in AdBlocker for the ad page and the Skip Ad button showed up. I clicked it and my computer was borderline frozen. I looked up and saw over 500+ (and rising) ad blocks, with a couple pages getting through consisting on a fake captcha and a fake megafolder page with a dinging bell and arrow. I’d love to try your mods but the service you use is almost as bad as adfly.

    Anyway, appreciate that you offer your mods for free, just letting you know, and letting others know that they might want to run a decent adware/spyware scan after downloading. I’m sure your files are fine but the path to getting the file picks up a lot of unwanted hitchhikers.


      1. No sorry, I made bad experiences with chrome concerning safety. I serve on Edge or, when it has to be very safe, controlled by kaspersky on ie. Erfahrung heißt gar nichts. Man kann seine Sache auch 35 Jahre schlecht machen. (Kurt Tucholsky


      2. I’m using Chrome. Bottom line is anything using these redirects (adfly, getstt, etc.) is going to cause issues. If you get the link, you’ll definitely have spyware, adware, or worse….malware. I can’t access the link because I’m not disabling enough. I took a risk disabling my blocker, which getsyy said would work but it only resulted in pop ups to more getsyy pages and fake captcha pages as well as fake mega folder login pages. Those ad services are all shady. it’s too bad because these mods look great


      3. I have tried Chrome now, but it does not make any difference at all. 😦 Sorry. 😦 Erfahrung heißt gar nichts. Man kann seine Sache auch 35 Jahre schlecht machen. (Kurt Tucholsky


  4. I use Chrome and the links never go past the gestyy page. Last time I tired it in explorer i got a virus so adblock is staying on. I have ones but need the university update, but its not worth ruining my computer in the proccess.

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  5. Hello πŸ™‚ I am unable to figure out how to download your files on the service you use. I am using Chrome, but that’s not really the point. What I would like to know is if there is a different way to download if you are paying for a patreon account. I am willing to donate if I would not have to deal with the mess I just encountered, but am unwilling if the download is still through that service. Your mods look exceptional, so I am hoping to find a way. Thanks!


  6. I was so excited when I found these mods but I’m really not trying to risk a hundred pop-ups or something worse :/ I’ll follow you to see when/if you ever change to a different hosting site


  7. A lot of these carreers sound awesome to me! I would love to download them. But I have Ad Blocker on my Google Chrome, so it won’t let me. I tried downloading it on Internet Explorer, but I immediately got the (fake) message: “Windows Defender found a trojan horse – immediate action requiered!”. So… do you have an alternative download link?


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